Home Safety Procedures

If you have an underlying medical condition, here are a few safety precautions:

1. Care should be used in the bathroom where you may encounter a variety of slick surfaces. Never use electrical appliances while standing in water.

2. Store medications in a cool, dry place. Some drugs require refrigeration and should be labeled accordingly.

3. Store poisonous cleaning supplies and medications away from food items and clearly mark them as a poisonous substance. If your vision is poor, you may want to use oversized or color coded labels.

4. When lifting, avoid back injury by bending at the knees and keeping your back straight. You will automatically lift with your leg muscles and avoid back strain.

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5. Be aware of the electrical needs of various appliances and medical equipment. If a circuit overload occurs, move some of your electrical appliances to outlets that use a different circuit.

6. Be aware of the various types of flooring in your home. Slippery surfaces and loose rugs are especially dangerous and could cause a fall.

7. Fires are always dangerous, especially for individuals who cannot run to safety. Make sure that you have enough smoke detectors in your home and check them regularly, and keep the batteries fresh and new. Avoid smoking in bed, and handle all flammable materials in a safe manner.

Keep emergency phone numbers near your phone. If your vision is poor consider large type emergency numbers and oversized numbers on your phone.